MOT Tester Assessment Only (Class 5)

MOT Tester Assessment Only (Class 5)


Class 5 Testing Exam Only

PLEASE NOTE: This is not the Annual CPD, this is the Exam to qualify you as a Class 5 MOT Tester.

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Become a Class 5 Tester!

If you haven’t already done training for Class 5, take a look at the online training we offer to get your prepared for this exam, which includes e-learning content, sample questions on each topic and mock exam.

Step 1: Complete Class 5 Training

Step 2: Complete Class 5 Mock Test to prepare you for the exam

Step 3: Complete and pass the Awarding Body Class 5 Online Exam (Once you have purchased your Class 5 Assessment here, you will be sent a code via email to take your exam)

Step 4: Once you have received your awarding body certificate via email you will need to send a copy of the certificate to your DVSA area office to request a Class 5 observation at your VTS